Final Contact List

Ariel Wengroff                        Producer Nina Joyce                               PR Executive Roxy Rezvany                          Producer Charlotte Payne                      PR Executive Beth Waggit                            Production Manger Steve Reynolds                        Director Lisa Boyle                               Photographer Cat Wilson                              Photographer London Film Academy         Educational Fresh@CU                               Media Company Chris Benny                             Photographer/ Director Advertisements

4th Contact – Chris Benny – Freelance Videographer and Photographer

As suggested by Lisa I have started to connect with people on Instagram. There are many photographers advertising their work through Instagram and make the information available for clients to contact them, it is also a very good way to show your portfolio of photographers. I got in contact with Chris Benny because he is … More 4th Contact – Chris Benny – Freelance Videographer and Photographer


A sustainable portfolio should contain and be accessible, flexible and professional. If someone searches for my name and it is the very competitive industry I need to be findable online. To be findable I have to be using social media, every link to my social media should be linked on the website. I need to … More Portfolio