360 CW2 -FMP Proposal (My Evaluation)

As I am preparing for making my FMP it has taken a while to come up with a viable idea. I really wanted to create an FMP about young carers to be able to spread the message and make people aware of who we are and what we do. However never the less I am still happy with the idea I have come up with. As I do more research and the more my idea, Hidden Beauty is developing the more I am inspiring to make it. At this stage in my life realising which is the more viable project now can benefit me to make a better FMP. The more I develop as a professional, my other FMP idea will become a reality in the near future.

My video pitch conveys my idea visually to help the audience understand it better. It shows the many different influences and what plans I have for the project with test photographs included of my subjects. It isn’t perfect but having the fundamentals of compositions and visually bringing it to life can help boost my campaign. I only focused on the photographs in the pitch; as it is the first impression that the viewer will see and that will hopefully encourage them to dig in further to listen to the interview. The photographs are the main element to help encourage and inspire diversity; it is the only visual available so I focused on trying to portray the photographs using my influences and test photographs. The photographs will only get better when the real project starts.

Overall I feel really passionate and dedicated to starting this project. I plan to use as many resources to my advantage and make this project now as it is a current subject. The radio and photography studio I have used before that provides all my time to be dedicated to the project to convey and develop the message in the pre-production stages. I still have a lot to learn about making websites and editing photos using both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. My volunteers are amazing and I have developed great relationships with them, which will bring out the best stories for my project to be of highest quality.

There is still a lot to do and organise before the production starts. I want to establish my social media pages for this project to be able to help with funding and also help gain an audience. It will be great for publicity and direct my target market. There is more research that I will be looking at as the current issue is developing and present. It will help to market my project at the correct time.

I happy to continue with the project from this stage and I have created a visual and written format to help spread the idea of my project to a mass audience and potential funders. I am looking forward to making this project and how the outcome will be. I am also looking forward to the feedback I gain to be able to expand this project after university. I am dreaming and hoping this project to be successful and am excited to get started.


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