360MC CW2 -FMP Proposal (Video Pitch)

This is my Video Pitch about Hidden Beauty.

The video summarises and explains more in detail about my project, Hidden Beauty. I have provided test photographers of my subjects I intend to use and also how I would like to compose my photos. As they are test photos I didn’t book the photography studio so the photos will be better in a quality of style. It covers my general aims and outcomes I would like to achieve during this project

This is the transcript of my video

What would life be like if hatred and fear didn’t exist? What if everyone was understanding and respectful to one another?

Hello, My name is Emine Arabaci I am producing a photography project called Hidden Beauty. The nature of the project will be in the format of portrait photography and audio interviews to develop it into an interactive documentary.

Recently there is more racism and sexism due to Brexit and Trump. The media is fueling society with hatred and fear and the many events that have occurred lately have made me realise that many people cannot see the beauty within many cultures and uniqueness of human beings.

Hidden Beauty challenges the concepts of the walls and boundaries that many of the powerful leaders, for example, Trump and many media outlets want the population to believe.

I hope to inspire globalisation and acceptance through my project by sharing 10 young women’s unique stories of who they are, what their aspirations are and how the world we are living in today has affected them. There are many elements within my project using different mediums like photography and audio and bringing them together through a contemporary interactive app called Blippar.

Blippar is an app that helps bring the physical world to life to discover more about any surrounding objects or area. I hope to use this to reach out to my target audience and also makes my audience feels involved to encourage acceptance and understanding. I want to apply an audio interview to the app for people to listen and then have only the visual of the photograph.

This subject matter is really important and current because it is a rising issue with Brexit and Trump being in power and many racial and cultural cases of abuse.

To be able to produce this project now I hope to gain a mass following of people who are globalised like me to share and encourage people that aren’t as fortunate to discover different countries and cultures to experience the beauty of the world.

The question to answer is why is there so much hatred in the world to provoke the outcome of racial and cultural abuse. I want to answer this question to inspire curiosity and understanding, I want to help communication between people and encourage diversity and acceptance. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. The different element I have added is adding the engagement of interactivity to my audience to communicate my message to a deeper level.

Two main photographers Mihaela Noroc and Mehmet Genc have inspired me during the development of this project. They both have been around the world and photographing women. In every photo, they capture the beauty and uniqueness of every person. Contextually my work will be placed in photography and I plan to distribute it online, in a gallery and an online platform like Noroc and Genc have.

There are three main elements to my project, the photography, the interview and an interactive element. I am dedicated and devoted to starting making this project because it is so close to my heart. I already have facilities in place provided by the university. I have volunteers that are ready and willing to help with my project from different parts of the world and that are students studying at Coventry University now. It is also educational, that will help to create a more globalised world and accept people and their difference and see the beauty within them. I am very excited to bring this project to life and truly think it will inspire people to stop hating and see the hidden beauty within people.

Thank you for listening



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