Future Plans and Reflection

My plans for the future are to stay in contact with the 10 professionals I have and try to get as much experience as I can now while still in university. I want to have a variety of developed skills and portfolio to hopefully acquire a job when I graduate within the media industry. It is very common in the media industry to start off as a runner so if I can target as many skills to be able to break into the industry then I can work my way to the top to be a production manager/ 1st Assistant Director.

I have learnt a lot in the space of this year within this module as it has pushed me to contact people, be confident and show my highest quality of work that I achieved. I am proud of the events I have taken part of and I do know that it is hard to get a job in media but if I preserve I know I can succeed. I have received great feedback and many people are ready to help me.

The only disappointment I have had is that Transforming Hidden Talents have not lived up to their promises. I am still waiting to hear about my mentor but the workshops have been very useful and I have met many amazing people that are on the program. It is a very good networking group to have as well as the university because if I have a good work ethic and the people from my friendship group get into the industry that will expand my contacts and I am more likely to get hired through word of mouth.

It is important to attend networking events to expand my network and I am trying to expand on social media using LinkedIn and Instagram. The more people I know the better because then I can ask for advice and try to get experience on where I need to develop my skills. At networking events, I am more likely to get noticed and hired because in the media industry employers hire people they know so the more people I know the more likely I will be hired as long as I keep a good reputation.

Being at the VICE workshop and premier was brilliant and I learnt so much not just about the company but also about myself. I have to be confident and ask questions because it shows that I am passionate. It worked because they contacted me and it has given me the confidence to keep going to networking events and keep asking questions.

Changing Live Programme helped me to gain industry experience and build my portfolio and also do my own project to be able to promote myself. The Hidden Beauty project isn’t finished but it is in the making and I hope to gain followers and contacts from this project. It has also given me very important life skills that apply to any job I apply for. I need to stay calm in every situation, problem solves, keep moving and work hard. There are bound to be problems that occur in the media industry when making films or TV shows and it is important I keep perfecting my skills because to be a 1st Assistant Director is stressful and I want to be the best I can be and work smartly.

One of the best experiences I had was working with The London Film Academy as the Sound Mixer and Boom Operator. I had a tutor to teach me throughout the whole production and we worked like industry professionals. I have learnt that the more people trust me the better work I do. Technical skills can be developed and learnt but the more I learn about myself the more I feel more accomplished and confident in my career path.

Ruth Guy who is a part of Careers within Coventry University has given me a lot of feedback on my CV and I am looking to make a creative CV in the future.

Finally, as a backup plan incase I cannot be hired or my career aspirations don’t happen I have decided to sign up to the Evolve Program that helps and trains you to set up a business. I want to set up a business in photography and make my hobby become a lifestyle and while the support is in place now, I can learn and use it to my advantage. It is also very useful to know because the media industry is mostly freelance work so if I can sell myself as a brand and company then I can ask questions and learn as much as I can to prepare for any outcome in the future.




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