Feedback For My Professional Portfolio Website

I have sent a link to my website to two of my contacts, James Colley and Lisa Boyle to get feedback and improve my current website. I have screenshot my current website.

I received two very different answers and opinions to my website from different standpoints.

James said that he really liked it and it flowed really well and showed my creative eye.

However, I got a really different response from Lisa.

Since she works with clients and not media professionals she gave me a different insight to how people may perceive me. I will take her advice on board and if I was going to go into the area of client based work I will make another website targeted at a separate audience and keep my current website for media professionals.

It was very nice to get a professional photographer to get feedback on my photos it gave me real confidence that she liked them. She even said that my photos belonged in lifestyle and travel magazines. She has suggested that my testimonials should be on the first page to give myself a good first impression on my website for IMG_0507customers. I agreed but I also liked the way my website flowed so I put a button on my ‘about me’ page to encourage people to visit my testimonial page before my showreel and portfolio.

I liked that she said that my portfolio had a really strong bright contrast compared to the theme of my website because it made me feel like my work stood out more.

Overall I am really happy with my website and I hope to use it in the future and buy my own domain.



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