Ruth Guy – CV Feedback

I have visited Ruth Guy from careers to direct me to the right places in order to secure the job I want after University. We discussed the different types of roles I could possibly go into in the admin production management positions in the media industry.

I came away with some links that can help me look for relevant type work and experience while still in university and possible after.

Some of those links were

  • Careers Portal
  • Arts and Humanities (Creative Future)
  • Prospects
  • Twitter

She suggested twitter because opportunities can be posted on twitter and keeps up to date with recent vacancies and keep in contact with professionals. She has also suggested that  LinkedIn account would better my career opportunities, I have started to create one and I am looking forward to perfecting it with her before I graduate. I hope to expand and network using LinkedIn and also keep in touch with the 10 professionals I have gained from this module.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.37.54 PM.png

I have also shown her my CV and she gave me advice on how to develop it to a professional standard. I have attached my CV to how it looked before and how it looks now.

Emine Arabaci CV (Updated /New)

Emine Arabaci CV (Old)

One of the many changes I have made is added to my contact information to my website and LinkedIn account. I have also added more to my career profile on the type of experience I have, what I am seeking and the many skills I have acquired. From the first paragraph, it is easy for the employer to get a sense of who I am and what I can offer to them in a summarised paragraph.

I have added an education section based on the example she gave me and have broken the big table down into two for the professional experience I have gained outside of university however organised by Coventry and industry experience that is not linked to the university. I believe this helps to break away and make the important sections of industry experience stand out.

I have also added a summarised section of technical skills that include soft skills like organisation and communication to be able to sell myself. I was also advised to look at the recent job application and have a summary of the requirements they are looking for.

I have also added a personal section of interests for the employer to have a sense of who I am and it makes it more personal. I find that my updated CV looks more professional and acquires more information then my online CV which can encourage people to download and learn more about me because it is more personal.

I am waiting for Ruth Guy to get back to me about my updated CV and I will finalise with her before i graduate to have the best CV possible.


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