VICE Workshop and Networking +5 Contacts

The Media Trust have presented me with amazing opportunities that are once in a lifetime and not available to the public. They have organised an amazing master class at VICE. ‘VICE is a global youth media company and the industry leader in producing and distributing the best online video content in the world.’ (Vice, 2017)

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I met many amazing women that have jobs in the media and it was very interesting and inspiring to know that I can follow my dreams. There are many different areas within VICE and it was very interesting having many different talks from people that work within each sector that make up this company/ Brand.

Vice have many digital sectors in 35 different countries like

  • Noisey (Music Discovery Channel)
  • The Creators Project (Arts and Creativity)
  • Motherhood (Cultural Technology)
  • Thump (Global Dance and Electronic Music)
  • Flightland (Culture of MMA)
  • i-D (Fashion)
  • VICELAND (Factual Video /TV Shows) (Vice, 2017)

The media is a vast industry and expands into many jobs and it keeps growing. I am curious on finding out the many jobs that exist and with the help of this workshop, I have realised and I am willing to broaden my knowledge in the media to be able to find a sector that I enjoy and would love to work in.

I have been in contact with VICE ever since and they are so nice and willing to help me.

First Contact

After the workshops, we were invited to the premiere of their new show called ‘Women.’ I was so inspired by the Producer Ariel Wengroff and how successful she was that in the evening they held a networking event and I spoke to her. She is an inspiring woman to me because she is passionate about what she does and following her dreams. I got a signed card from her and have emailed and personally thanked her. I got a reply, she is a truly supportive and encouraging me to follow my dreams and I could ask her anything. I have sent my CV and Show reel to her and she believes I am on the right path to break through into the media industry.


Second Contact

As Ariel is based in the United States, I wanted to gain another contact based in the UK also working in VICE. Nina Joyce who is a PR Executive and she is a brilliant contact to have because she can direct me to the right people I want to talk to about my career path, I asked her in the networking event if she knew anyone working within production and she can also give me advice. On the night she introduced me to another contact Roxy Rezvany.



Third Contact

Roxy Rezvany worked at VICE and now has become a freelance producer herself. Talking to her on the night she gave me amazing advice on how I could possibly construct my life. It was very insightful and I have kept in contact with her to further my knowledge about being a freelancer. She told me that working for a company rather than starting my own business after graduating could be useful because not only do you learn from your own mistakes but from other peoples. If I work for a company before starting my own business, which is an option I have been considering, then I can learn about the many areas of running a business. When I am confident in knowing how to run a business, then I can.


The most surprising contact I made that night and a lesson I leant was networking. The more people I talked to the more confident and passionate I looked and another VICE employee noticed me.

Fourth Contact

Charlotte Payne contacted me personally to say she was really impressed by how passionate I was and offered to help me break into the industry. She asked for my CV and directed me to people that could possibly hire me if my CV and showreel gives the right impression.

It just shows if you’re confident enough to ask and talk to people, people are willing to help. I am so grateful that I got picked out of the 20 people from Media Trust. I have leant that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions and engage with people because being shy doesn’t get you anywhere.


Fifth Contact

My final contact I made during this event was Beth Waggitt, the production manger that is a job that I am interested in pursuing. She gave me great advice on starting out as a runner and then working my way to the top. I got in contact with her after the event and sent her my CV and showreel and she is helping me with some possible work experience or internship.


I am very proud of myself on giving a good impression at the master class and networking event. I have learnt a lot from just this one day and I am looking forward to graduating and exploring the many media jobs to find the one that’s right for me. Whether that’s through work experience, internships and even networking events.


Vice. (2017). Careers at VICE. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2017].




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