360MC CW2 Research and Development FMP Developement

My FMP is about encouraging diversity and equality through the use of portrait photography. I was fortunate enough go to a master class with a company called Blippar.

Blippar is a smartphone app that interacts with our physical world and turns them into virtual reality. ‘Blippar harnesses image recognition, augmented reality and computer vision technology to bring the physical world to life through smart devices.’ (Blippar.com, n.d.) It has been used to advertising for many brands and also used for educational purposes.I thought it was a brilliant way to bring forward interaction and connection without breaking the mystery within my photos.

I thought it was a brilliant way to bring forward interaction and connection without breaking the mystery within my photos. It is almost like an interactive documentary but in the space of a gallery. Instead of having a little description at the bottom to describe my experience, I could bring a voice to my participants and bring a deeper connection to enhance my message. I believe it will inspire my audience to use their imagination and spark a conversation of curiosity to know more.

My photos don’t have to stay 2-d it can be brought to life in the space of a gallery rather than reading the descriptions, the descriptions can be the video. I could add a video of just the voices of my participants or even my experiences of taking the photo and what I have learnt. I’m taking away the eye contact but I am giving another form the connection.

I am planning on printing 10 photos for the gallery space and each and everyone can have a minute of audio linked through Blippar. My audience will have to download an app to be able to experience the full potential, that may cause concern, however many more people can be involved at the same time because of everyone nowadays has a smartphone.

My audience can also decide on their own journey within the photos, there will be no specific starting point so everyone’s experiences can be unique for that one person, like an interactive documentary. I will also have a website with the images in an interactive style that will be linked with the videos without the use of Blippar for my audience to enjoy in their own time and space.

For attending the master class I have been given an account to make my own blipps for free, so I will use this software to experiment the connection and interaction with my audience.

Blippar.com. (n.d.). Blippar for Brands. [online] Available at: https://blippar.com/en/solutions/blippar-for-brands/ [Accessed 26 Feb. 2017].


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