360MC CW2 FMP Proposal Idea Testing

The issues we face in the world today have had an impact on what I want to create for my FMP, it includes Trump and Brexit. There has been a lot of hate and discrimination that I want to bring some positivity and light to the subjects. Everyone is different and unique, we all have stories and narratives that make us who we are and that journey is what I want to share with my audience using participants from all parts of the world that live in the UK.

My idea is to use portrait photography and capture the many different races and cultures that are within the UK. I also want to concentrate on women to capture the beauty and how strong and special they are. I want to not only encourage diversity but also equality.

My aim is to break apart the walls and borders that Brexit and Trump have built. I want my audience to look from a different perspective and understand that diversity and culture are nothing to be afraid of. I want to inspire people to learn and accept one another because we are one race and we are all human. My focus on women will hopefully encourage the importance of equality and the role that women play in society.

The Breakdown of the Photograph

There are going to be many elements and layers that can be interpreted from the photograph and I think it can target a mass audience because it is still down to interpretation.

I was fortunate enough to do some test shoots in Morocco when I went with The Changing Lives Program. I wanted to visualise this project on a much bigger scale for when I leave university, it can still be a possibility to expand to other areas of the world.

Despite the language barrier, I was able to take these photographs so easily because I could visually show them what I wanted to do. It is a very simple photo but I believe a photograph can speak a thousand words.

Firstly, what people notice are the hands covering the eyes and the audience not being able to make a connection. The eyes are the windows to the soul as many claims and in this Buzzfeed video, it shows that people are hardwired to find faces and to be able to make connections.

The hands can show the borders that have been placed to stop these connections from happening and judge people on the basis of their skin, gender, age and nationality. We have been forced by society to have these labels and these borders that are stopping us from having that connection and putting my audience on the outside. We have become blinded by hatred and fear that we no longer see the beauty that lies within our world and people.

Many people have also pointed out that it also could represent child’s play a game called peek-a-boo. It is so inspiring that these images can also translate the image of a child because we were all children once. I believe we never lose our childish side but society forces us to grow up so do we lose our innocence or do we choose to hide our inner self-child? By remembering that we were all children once, in my opinion, that can spark a sense of empathy, to be able to have that connection that everyone once was a child and share the same feelings.

I believe the smile encourages the curiosity, to want to be able to see the eyes and make a connection however without knowing the participant’s story you will never be able to see the beauty within. I will not disclose a photo without the hands but I am planning to put a short description about my experience of taking a photo of my participant.

I hope to share my experience of meeting with diverse people and the wonders you can learn from them and how similar everyone is but how special we are in our own way. Bringing all of these elements together I hope to encourage people’s perception and find that source of mystery and curiosity to support people to be open and understanding of one another.

However back in England, I have the opportunities to be able to use the facilities provided by the university, for example, the photography studio. It was very hard to control the light when I was outside and the rooms that I used were not lit very well.

Discovering this I want to be able to control the environment I wanted to take my photos in to be able to bring out the best in my subjects. For my project to be of highest quality, I discovered I have the opportunity to be able to use the photography studio. The best way to be able to control the light and be able to achieve the best outcome. It will make it easier when I come to edit the photos and save me time.


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