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Donald Trump has issued an executive order on Friday 27th of January to ban Muslims from entering the United States for a period of 90 days. This has also increased to 120 days for the refugee admissions. A list of seven countries includes ‘Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen — or at least 218 million people’ (Diamond, 2017) Donald Trump believes this plan would prevent ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ (Cooper, 2017) from entering the United States.

It is very disappointing to see how much hate has grown ever since Trump campaigned to become president. A country that signifies freedom, equality and dreams are now being fueled by hate and fear.

Refugees are escaping their countries not by choice, to seek asylum for themselves and as for their families and Trump is stalling and stereotyping a whole religion. ‘He ordered that Christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over Muslims.’ (Cooper, 2017) Everyone should be entitled to believe in any religion and shouldn’t be discriminated due to their national origin.

The amount of refugees predicted to have entered into the United States in 2017 has decreased ‘50,000, down from 110,000.’ (Yuhas and Sidahmed, 2017) United States being one of the super power countries, it should be an example to other countries and not take a step back into a time of hierarchy, power and control. In 2017, it should be accepting and understanding to lend a helping hand to those in need, as many people have protested against the executive order.

In the UK ‘10,000 fill streets in London and around UK against President’s Muslim ban.’ (Evans and Smith, 2017) With that amount of people protesting against Trump’s decision brings hope into my heart. The ever-growing hate from just one year alone with Brexit and Trump’s ‘anti-women, anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican policies.’ (Slawson and Gayle, 2017) that humanity needs people to be compassionate, helpful and have empathy.

It has brought all sorts of people together, to stand together and be heard. It is inspirational what can happen when we are all united and care about other people.’ Crowds carried signs reading slogans such as “we stand united”, “no Trump travel ban” and “we are all immigrants”.’ (Chaplain, 2017) I want to encourage the same message in my final major project that no matter how different we are or where we come from we are still one human race and we should be standing together. I want to show the many diverse cultures and worlds that I have experienced whether that’s through people or travel.

There was also a very inspiring march in supporting of feminism, ‘racial and gender equality, affordable healthcare, abortion rights and voting rights – issues which they say are under threat from a Trump presidency.’ (Harrison, 2017) I love to see women standing together, supporting each other and standing up for their rights. These women are being role models for the future generation to stand together and stand strong. It is also important for men to stand with the women because it could also represent their mothers, sisters, wife’s and daughters that have to still fight for the rights in equality.

The march brought ‘200,000 people including celebrities’ (Collier, 2017) to make a change and be examples ‘Hundreds of women-led protests were planned across the globe to spread a message’ (Collier, 2017) Even though this is a march it is so inspiring to see how many people support equality and there’s an element of positivity in this march. It brings hope of change, a voice and united people to stand up for what they believe in and inspire future generations for them to have a better future. ‘part of a global movement of people saying that equality, unity, peace and standing up for people who don’t have the opportunity to stand up for themselves matters.’ (Mortimer, 2017)

I want to open people’s eyes and hearts to the wonders of how strong and how far women have come to be who they are today. I want to engage with my audience using images and stories to share the beauty that one holds within.

We shouldn’t be scared of one another; we are all different and have many inspiring stories to tell. We should be learning from one another and to gain that level of understanding. I am inspired to encourage trust and empathy and to support feminism to all women from every age, culture and background. Their voices need to be heard for judgment and hatred to disappear.


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