360MC CW2 Research and Development Brexit

Britain has become a divided nation between those who wanted to stay within the European Union and those who wanted to leave.

It represents the society of today. ‘The fault line in contemporary politics is those between who embrace globalisation and those who fear globalisation.’ (TED, 2016) There have been many incidents that have shocked me to the core that represent the divided nation of today.

During the Brexit campaign, the media and political people portrayed the image of immigration and refugees negatively. ‘Demonized immigrants by spreading fictitious scare stories’ (Versi, 2016) The campaign was misleading and made people believe migrants and refugees are bad. An example of that is the UKIP migrant poster ‘accused UKIP of trying to scare voters ahead of Thursday’s EU referendum’ (Michael Gove ‘shuddered’ at UKIP migrants poster – BBC News, 2016) There are many different cultures and religions in the world, the stereotypes have been reinforced to sway people’s response and reactions to achieve an outcome of a divided nation. There are ever more borders, discrimination and racist abuse.

Another reason showed Britain is becoming over populated and there are not enough jobs ‘Almost 50% of the population believe immigration has a negative impact on the British economy… fearful that fresh waves of migrants will take their jobs or their children’s school places’ (Versi, 2016) The fear that is used to control the outcome and gain votes for their own self-worth is leading back to old habits of borders and control.

The amount of fear inflicted about the open borders to European countries and the conspiracies around refugees gaining access to benefits and employment could be another reason to sway the vote. ‘In 2015 alone, the number of immigrants living in the UK increased by 184,000.’ (AJ+, 2016) It was astounding that the morning on 24th June 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union. Hate crimes against immigrants increased more than ever.

There has been a rise in physical and verbal abuse in many areas of Britain and it’s scary to think about. ‘one of more than 100 reports of racist incidents since the EU referendum’ (Versi, 2016) There have been very extreme cases like ‘Polish man was murdered in what Essex Police are treating as a hate crime incident’ (Mortimer, 2016) It’s scary to know that maybe I can’t identify with my country as I thought I could, I thought people around me were open and understanding.

I study at Coventry University, which is located in the west midlands and it turns out that West Midlands ranked among the highest areas of the country to want to leave the European Union.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 6.39.14 PM(Telegraph, 2016)

London is where I am originally from, voted to stay. The many reasons I believe is that London is more exposed globally and there are many more nationalities and cultures that are shared and experienced.

I have been fortunate enough to live in London, a very diverse city and travel to experience many different cultures and races. I, myself am Turkish and was born and brought up in a western culture my whole life.

I have an open mind and believe there are many beauties to be discovered and learnt from diverse people. Everyone is different and it is interesting on how perceptions are different due to our very own unique narrative called life.

In Coventry University itself is globalisation and encourages through many programs like Lingui Mundi and CGE. (Centre of Global Engagement) I am fortunate enough to go to university and have a chance to experience what it has to offer. I have gained friends from different backgrounds and countries and have a diverse way of looking at things.

However there may be people that can’t/haven’t gone to university and don’t get the chance to travel ‘they may be unpersuaded by the narrative we find persuaded’ (TED, 2016)

I want to be able to encourage and share my view of how I look at the world with admiration to learn and the curiosity I have. I want to develop an idea that I can share my perception and bring my audience with me to look through my eyes. I want to encourage globalisation and share an insight into the diverse culture we have in the United Kingdom today. I want to encourage people to be more globalised and understanding of one another and laminate hate by allowing people to find that love and curiosity to know more. Our identities shouldn’t define who we are but encourage working altogether to become globalised.


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