A sustainable portfolio should contain and be accessible, flexible and professional. If someone searches for my name and it is the very competitive industry I need to be findable online. To be findable I have to be using social media, every link to my social media should be linked on the website. I need to be accessible on every single platform of social media to be easier to find and to be contacted immediately. I need to be able to show a range of skills that I have soft and hard skills, to make me more hireable by an employer. I have to be able to show a flexible working practice to be able to reach out to different people. I need complete control over my website so I can edit and update and demonstrate my recent works and talent.

An example of a portfolio website is Philip Bloom http://www.philipbloom.net (Bloom, 2017)

Even if he isn’t suitable for the role I am applying for, I believe his website shows his best work and also is very personal and inspiring. You are presenting yourself on your website. It will be the first impression someone is going to receive of you so I have to demonstrate excellence. I need to show my best work and I need to sell myself.

The most important aspect is spelling and grammar because it makes someone look unprofessional. The best way to avoid this situation is to make someone else check your work, to be proofread.

Your personality has to shine through to some extent for the employer to get a taste of what sort of person you are. That’s what will get you the job. Your skills will get you the interview and your character will get you the job.

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Personal website
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

A professional blog helps to provide information to employers to see what you have been doing up until this point. It helps to inform of the updated projects you have been a part of. It helps to build up a community practice.

The skills that have to be communicated on your CV

  • Critical analysis
  • Research
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Able to meet deadlines

These can be feed into my CV because it can present that I have soft skills that the employers look for. The evidence is the most important aspect that the employer will concentrate on. The only information that is required is your name, email, mobile, and website/portfolio/linked In.

Linked In is a very professional way to build your network that identifies who you are for people looking at your profile. My profile should immediately catch the reader’s eyes and convey who I am, my degree, skills, experience and my objective, what sort of job would I like to receive, who my target audience is.


Bloom, P. (2017). Philip Bloom | DP, Director, Filmmaker. [online] Philipbloom.net. Available at: http://www.philipbloom.net [Accessed 10 Jan. 2017].





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