Artefact 3 Imagine & Feedback

My third year of Media Production at Coventry contains a module called 360MC, Research and Development to support us before the production of our FMP (Final Major Project.) The module includes producing three creative artefacts around three different themes to explore, experiment and influence our FMP.

I wanted to create a different project this time instead of making a video. I decided to use photography and incorporate technologies and make an interactive panoramic photo. I wanted my audience to be able to put themselves into the places that I have been. I want my audience to interact by being able to move around as they wish. My imagine project consists of six photographs that I have taken from previous Coventry University trips and also includes the recent Changing Live Programme trip to Morocco. I wanted to convey as much as possible on how amazing each location is and encourage them to use their imagination and put themselves in my position.

I picked various shots from England, Czech Republic, United State/ Florida and Morocco.

It is everyone’s dream to travel and to be able to use their imagination to get some sort of freedom and happiness being somewhere else that is new to explore. I hope that desire will make it easier for my audience to engage and interact with the panoramic photos. I feel like I can also reach a wider audience using platforms like YouTube and Facebook that support the technology and hopefully inspire any generation to explore the wonderful beauties of the world.

My feedback was positive and inspiring. My classmates said that I have used very interesting and diverse locations. Also using the NASA theme park that not many people can go to was interesting to see and may encourage people to go. It gives the audience the opportunity to control their viewing experience like they would in real life if they visited the museum. This artefact has encouraged me to learn about the digital and interactive forms of media and hopefully will inspire my audience to recreate own memories to share. The photos are not clean and clear at the bottom and tops as it creates a globe effect so in the future I will take a Richo Theta and test the difference.  I believe I can learn a lot more modern technologies like VR and also 360 Filming with the Richo Theta and it can develop into an interactive VR experience for tourist and educational purposes. I would also maybe had some sound effects from the natural places to make the experience more immersive.

There is opportunity to learn more at the Disruptive Learning Lab at Coventry University as they are experimenting with 360 Filming




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