Secondary Research for Artefact 3-Imagine

My third year of Media Production at Coventry contains a module called 360MC, Research and Development to support us before the production of our FMP (Final Major Project.) The module includes producing three creative artefacts around three different themes to explore, experiment and influence our FMP.

I have decided to explore the contemporary digital forms of media to be able to express my interest of showing a positive outlook on imagination using the latest technology 360/Panoramic Photos.

BBC News has started to incorporate this technology to be able to give viewers a very rare sight and also engage with them in a new way. The audience becomes active and immersed because they are no longer passively watching.

The BBC are trying to incorporate 360 technology into journalism and change the way the news is being told and to achieve their own goals. They are running test to be able to ‘offering a greater sense of presence and understanding in relation to important current affairs, and raising important questions over how story-telling elements, such as pacing, direction, subtitling, sound and picture quality are affected by this emerging medium.’ (BBC Connected Studio, 2016)

Production companies are trying to find the best way to use this technology to their advantage to provide a better viewing experience for their target audience. As Sarah Jones said in an interview it ‘takes an audience to the heart of the story.’  (Egan, 2016)

There are many example I have looked at below..

360 filming is a very new media form with it only being around about 5 years and only being used in mainstream media in the past 3 years. This technology was not available to the general public until around a year ago when products such as panorama tools or mounts for Go-Pros that could be 3-D printed. However, with technology advancing, now the population can also create their own 360-degree video using the Richo Theta that stitches automatically. The Panoramic feature is supported on smartphones and comes as a standard feature.

As, Google, YouTube and Facebook are able to support the software it is an advantage to be used to share experiences and for production companies to reach a wider audience. I want to be able to push the boundaries and inspire my audience to be able to feel like they can imagine themselves in environments and also inspire them to create their own. Sarah Jones is an inspiration and is trying to break that wall between the viewer to be able to be a part of an immersive experience.

To follow my own goals of trying to encourage people to make their own art/ photography I want to be able to utilise the phone that’s everyone has. The iPhone has an inbuilt panoramic feature that I can utilise for my artefact and also the general public can take on their own phone whether it is an android or apple. There are many other third party apps that can be used as well. Everyone now can be a photographer and tell a story by just using their phone. As Cotton Coulson says “The best camera to have is the one that’s with you all the time,” (Nationalgeographic, n.d.) There are many guidance and tips online so people can improve their photography skills on their iPhone. There are many competitions that can be entered and a lot of money can be made from iPhone photography. For example there is

I would like to explore 360-degree filming in the future; I am going to start by trying to learn the basics of practical work but also try to make the narrative as successful as any film so I am going to experiment with my phone while I am on my travels.


BBC Connected Studio. (2016). Virtual Reality at the BBC – BBC Connected Studio. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2016].

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