Tate Modern

In order to widen our creativity and be inspired, we had a chance to go down to the Tate Modern Museum for the day. I have gathered Photos of my day that I found interesting and inspiring for me to use towards my artefacts or my FMP. (Final Major Production.)

I loved looking at artwork that challenged me and that I could gather my own understanding of that piece. I liked the many textures and materials that can be created and conveyed. The colours that stand out and even after when I read the artist’s note sometimes I agreed and could see it in a different light but sometimes I liked my own understanding of the piece.

For example, the artwork below by Julie Mehretu describes the piece as a government building in Tahiri Square in Cairo. I love the textures and colours and the simplicity of how it looks but I wanted to go deeper and create my own little narrative of adventure and imagination of travelling. Sometimes I don’t like reading the artist notes because they can influence my own understanding of the piece.

I loved the map by Marwan Rechmaoui, it was a nice texture of having the map below your feet and made me feel powerful . However, in a setting like this, you can see how people interact with this piece, with caution. People were afraid to step and spoil the artwork and in turn anyone that saw the interaction would also react the same way. I needed some influence from Rechmaoui to understand the back-story of the map. I completely loved her explanation of how she believes that architect coincides with Law and Order, with ‘borders and behaviours.’  It is not just about the art, it gets you thinking about the world around us. Imagining all the people in the room standing on this artwork not to be cherished but to allow people to break the boundaries and come together.

Another Collage piece by Mark Bradford is one of the artworks that conveyed what I was thinking without looking at the artist note. The many different layers attached that almost looks like a connection of communication. There are many connections almost like satellites of different cultures and races coming together.

They’re also many technologic aspects that I considered to be very interesting. There were projectors attached to the celling and walls to create different meaning and also interact with the audience. It also added another texture to the video/art.

The Artwork titled Explore Media Network was a collaboration by many artists and was very interesting to sit down and almost engage in a discussion. Many sentences appeared at different times and would disappear for many other sentences to emerge. There were many inspiring, happy thoughts and quotes. Depending on where you started and where you finished everyone has there own perception and that can be different and swayed because of the journey taken. Steven Spielberg said it best ‘People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.’ I love the idea of many different journeys being taken according to the preference of the viewer. To have the choice and freedom to be able to give control over my work and having many interpretations, is fascinating.

One final thing I noticed was the 3D, Sculptures and objects and how people interact. I notice that people hover around the piece because they want to see all sides of and try to possible look for a different interpretations or perception from the artist or for themselves. The pictures on the walls sometimes go unnoticed or not as eye catching as the 3D pieces.img_9295

So this got me thinking that if I were to do a photography piece, could I also make a 3D piece to catch the attention of people. Maybe I could incorporate this idea in my FMP and also my Degree Show.

I have learnt everyone is going to have a different perception of any work and I want to get encourage thinking and not spoon-feed the audience my interpretation. I want people to discover their own journey and understanding. I need to create a piece that can get people talking possibly using different mediums or layers within layers and try to create a journey for the audience to enjoy. All of the responses to the art piece are my own interpretations; I haven’t met or talked to the artist to understand artwork.


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