Artefact 2 Fear & Feedback


My third year of Media Production at Coventry contains a module called 360MC, Research and Development to support us before the production of our FMP (Final Major Project.) The module includes producing three creative artefacts around three different themes to explore, experiment and influence our FMP.

My Fear project conveyed many different fears and anxieties. It conveys control, trust and darkness. I wanted to create a piece where I wasn’t spoon feeding the audience and they can give their own interpretation of the video. There are many fears gathered into one video to target a wider audience. I wanted to be able to communicate my fears of not being able to open up and trust people and that often leaves me lonely. The idea of people talking, doing stuff behind your back, on many occasions your reaction could leave you being controlled by that person. If you don’t see it, ignore it and not let it affect you they will not be able to make you respond no matter how hard they try. Due to certain outcomes, I often am controlled by my past and that’s why I cannot trust people.

This is my First Draft of my Fear Aretfact

Colour is a powerful tool that can communicate many different emotions without having the need for dialogue. I have used a high-intensity lighting setup for the audience to see the action and also create an intense look. I filmed it in the ETGO6 that included black walls. It was easier to control the light spill and also all the attention was drawn on to the subject. By drawing attention to myself using the light I had a better chance to explore changing the colour with the emotional bond I have with the audience. I wanted to create that feeling of importance and dramatically increase the emotion.They’re also many other messages that can be translated from this video about many domestic and international events in today’s society.By using a black dancer and trusting her I hope I have communicated a positive message that by coming together we can create something amazing and that goes to any culture. The influence of other cultures can make us open-minded and trust each other a lot more.

I was inspired by a challenge that was on YouTube a while ago called the Not My Arms Challenge. The idea behind the challenge is trying to do a certain activity that includes two people. The first person (at the front) will tie their arms behind their back and the second person (behind the first) will try to mimic the actions to be able to do finish the activity. I have a few examples below

The idea of giving someone control to finish an activity would scare me. I don’t even trust any of my friends. I thought it would be a brilliant way to communicate my fear as you can tell with the fluttering of my eye in the video.

I was influenced by the video Sparkles and Wine – Opale directed by Nacho Guzman.

The first


The feedback I got was very useful to improve my work. They feel like the music didn’t work and there was no build up that the visuals complimented and the ending was weak. The music felt more important than the message I was trying to send, it was distracting from the visuals and gave the feeling of a music video. Sometime between the cuts I have moved slightly because of the position of dance and it’s not a smooth cut. My fellow classmates also mentioned if the music was different it would give a different meaning, maybe some peaceful music to convey a sense of mind and give an impression of everything happening in the subjects head. The reasons why I used the music was to carry the visuals between each cut but it changed the meaning and wasn’t successful.

I have also been told that I will not be able to use the music without a license I have contacted the record company but still haven’t had a response.

The improvements I will make to the video is to make it silent to hopefully communicate a sense of mind and the feeling of another fear of the unknown. I will also shorten the video because without the music it will be hard to concentrate on a 2 and a half-minute video so by shortening it, I hope to keep the attention of my audience for a shoter time and not repeat what they have already seen. I will try and gain a smooth cut between the shots when I re-edit. However, if I re-filmed it I would stay in the same place and try to do film it as one shot and experiment with colour in post production. I want to be able to learn how to colour grade and I believe that could make my artefact better.

Here is the final submission for my fear artefact

The first colour we are introduced to is pink that makes the subject look passive, lovable, innocent and feminine.The next one is a purple colour creates a sense of stability and mystery. Red I believe is to be the most powerful colour to be able to show the subjects state of aggression, power and strength. Navy is also used to reinforce her stability and show her intelligence of the situation and choosing to ignore it. Orange forces on her strength and endurance. She is determined to let go and be happy. White is the final colour used in the video to show her outcome and of being purified to be in a safe environment whether that is inside herself or her environment.

I am happy with the outcome of my video and the overall message it conveys and fits the brief. I believe my work belongs in areas of experimental film and possibly develop into an interesting short film or an extended music video to tackle the many issues that are conveyed in the video include, culture, race and age. It would be an amazing music video piece if the right music and lyrics were used to encourage the visuals. These areas will give me more control to experiment with light and colour to be able to tell the story. For example Justin Beiber or Lana Del Rey’s Music Video.




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