ScpritWriting Workshop


It is important to note the day, time, and location because it helps when it comes to blocking out the scenes in the production process. It is easier to know how many scenes are done in the same location and at the correct time. If there is a specific sound or object or characters in a scene then it is important to mark it in BLOCK Capitals. It is easy to read and makes it stand out. If at any point pass act 2, if the character has to repeat any information to explain or retell the story then it is a good starting point to stop and go back to write the script again.

If at any point past act 2, if the character has to repeat any information to explain or retell the story then it is a good starting point to stop and go back to the beginning to write the script again.

Text on screen helps to save time and also convey any information like date and time.

‘Cost of Living’ (2005) Jonathan Joffe Film

If at any point that I am doubtful about the dialogue it will be useful to use moving image to explain what is happening.

Huey, Dewey, Louie is a famous structure to splitting up one sentence of dialogue between three characters / actors so everyone has something to say and it saves time on screen instead of adding more dialogue.

You need to have a very good reason to develop the narrative to add dialogue; it acts like a dramatic function. It should also relate to the visual scene however I have to be careful not to ‘Show and Tell.’

You have to know and understand the characters to make the dialogue relative to the characters background and culture. This is why research is important into the characters identity. When it comes to giving the script to the actors it will be easy for them to understand and also adapt the dialogue.

If it is very well written it makes it easy to relate to films that are unrealistic because the audience assume that it’s real because they identify with it.

Introducing characters are very important, it can be done in many ways, as a personal introduction, one example in the lecture was Dracula’s introduction and James Bond. Sometimes is best to not introduce them and sometimes within the action it comes out naturally. Each character should bring something new to the narrative, it also helps to get a mass audience because different audiences can also identify to different characters.


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