Primary Research for Artefact 2- Fear

My third year of Media Production at Coventry contains a module called 360MC, Research and Development to support us before the production of our FMP (Final Major Project.) The module includes producing three creative artefacts around three different themes to explore, experiment and influence our FMP.

In our seminar, we had an opportunity to discuss our fears openly in class. Many people stated obvious and common fears that I would be scared of to, for example, Clowns, Hospitals, Spiders, Darkness/walking alone, parents (dad), heights, dying, clowns, unknown and Trump for the consequences the world could be in. I consider my fear very personal and in the mind. I have a fear of opening up and trusting people. I haven’t had the greatest of experience relying on people from relationships to friendships.

It was very interesting to talk about because some people agreed with me. Many people found a common ground of fearing the same thing.I have also decided to look at some people’s artefacts to try and iterate what they fear.

Ryan Potter’s fear artefact was very interesting to watch because the imagery complimented the visuals. There were many fears expressed and the idea of the fear controlling us was a brilliant ending. Miguel Galindo expressed that he had many fears but the one thing that he realised was that he was scared of making decisions and the constant worry if he made the wrong one. Samuel Lardner expressed fear using photographs to convey Pediophobia, Loneliness and Paranoia. Alice Clark expressed her fear of Social Anxiety. I believe this work conveyed the emotions it was intending with the use of light, sound and narrative.

I want to convey my fear of not being able to openly trust people using a range of different lights and movement. I also don’t want to spoonfeed the audince so I will be subjective to what I say and try to convey everything using visuals. I also want my audience to engage and have their own prospection of my work, I want them to be active and challenged.


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