The Beginning

During my last year at Coventry University, I have thought about my career choices and what I would like to do after university with a media degree. I have had a chance to experience many different roles outside of my degree as well as in university. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the London Film Academy in 2015 and now Transforming Hidden Talent’s Program in 2016/17.

The many roles I have enjoyed, I have been Boom Operator, Director of Photography, 1St Assistant Director and Producer. Of course practising these roles in a university environment can be completely different in the real world. However being at university helped with the possibilities of trying different roles and learning from outside sources to help me to decipher and learn a lot about myself.

I am still unsure about the role that would best suit me but I have gained an interest in the area of the admin role (on set) so I have done some research into what jobs are out there.

These are the few I found interesting (information was found on Creative skillset)

  • Producer/ Assistant (Producers have overall control on every aspect of a film’s production, Producer’s Assistants provide administrative support to the Producer.)
  • Co-Producer (responsible for all the business and logistical aspects during the main phase of film production)
  • Executive Producer (Executive Producers are not involved in the technical aspects of the filmmaking process.)
  • Production Manger/ Line Producer (covers costs relating to the crew and the practicalities of running a production, Line Producers, They are in charge of all the business aspects of the production of films.)
  • Production Co-coordinator/Assistant (Production Coordinators run the production office.)
  • 1st Assistant Director/ 2nd AD/ 3rd AD (assisting the Director, coordinating all production activity, and supervising the cast and crew.  They are also in charge of a department of other Assistant Directors and Runners. ) (, 2017)

Many of the skills that are required for this sort of role is; multi-taking, hardworking, team player, organisation and communication skills. Most of the jobs suggest starting out as a runner and working up to your dream job. At this point in my life, I still want to be on set and have a chance to see the films being made.

There are also many other job sites specific to Film and TV like The Unit List where I was successful enough be on shortlisted to be on set as a runner for Dickens Real Deal being shot in Coventry. Unfortunately, I wasn’t called on set but I was advised to keep looking on The Unit List. As I will be moving back to London after graduating there are many jobs in this area for Production Managers/ Coordinators, Assistants, and Producers ect.

I have set a task to book an appointment to see Ruth Guy who is a career adviser at Coventry University and gain more advice from her in the area of the industry I want to work in. I will also book meetings with my module leader to gain advice and understand my career path. I have to gather 10 contacts in the media industry in order to pass this module and hopefully find one where I can work straight after University.

Bibliography (2017). Film – Creative Industries – Creative Skillset. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2017].


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