My Plan / To Do List

My plan for this year is to get as much experience as I can. I want to be able to have a variety of skills to be able to target varies job roles because I am still indecisive about what career in the media I want. By undertaking as many job roles and experiences I believe it will help me decide on where I want to go after I graduate.

To tie everything together I am also undertaking a Freelance Business Advantage module that hopefully will give me an insight on a freelancer’s life. It is a very common lifestyle for media practitioners that it will be useful to understand and learn at this stage to develop a freelance business in the future.

Step 1

My plan is to research the many areas of the media industry. I need to understand the required skills of job roles that I am interested in and the skills that are required so I can develop them throughout this module. Creative Skillset is the suggested website where I can look into varies job roles within the media industry.

So far I have been in varies roles in my university life through university projects or outside work and I have enjoyed being in every role because I learn so much. The more roles I part take in the better understanding I have for when problems occur I can come up with a solution as the leader. The more skills and experience I can gather the higher chance I believe I will find a job in the media industry after I graduate.

My research will contain the jobs I am interested and the skills that are required on how I need to develop further skills to be able to be successful to obtain that job.

Step 2

Networking is a massive part of the media industry as I am told that a face to face interaction has a better outcome of finding and securing jobs. I personally have not been to many networking events but I hope to change that and sign up to as many networking events and attend as many master classes as I can.

I am already a part of the Media Trust Transforming Hidden Talent Programme that helps young adults develop skills, have monthly sessions with a mentor in the industry and attend master classes. I believe this will give me an extra boost to be able to help me break into the media industry after I graduate.

Step 3

Having an online presence is very important, as it is very useful in getting into contact with people. Social Media as developed into a form of business to be able to gain clients and also another form of showing your portfolio. There are amazing groups I can join through Facebook and have regular updates on jobs that are available.

I am already a part of groups like People looking for TV work; Runners and I look into expanding to many other groups relevant to my career choice. There are also many websites like The Unit List that advertise jobs. It was recommended to me last year when I applied to be a runner on Dickens’s Real Deal.

Shooting People has also been recommended to me by the London Film Academy that is an amazing platform to be able to find varies jobs. There is a fee to join this group of £25 for a year, however, I am told it is worth it.

Coventry University has groups on Facebook like MPA Employability and Professional Experience page that is updated regularly. There is organisation within the university that will help me like Creative Futures that email me when opportunities for media jobs arise and also Careers that will help me with my CV and give advice on how to develop myself for my future ambitions.

I will have a meeting with Careers and gain advice on my CV and also sort out opportunities to build my online presence.

Step 4

When I start building my portfolio I want to create a website where it will clearly show the many various jobs and skills that I have developed. To have a professional looking website I will research into other media professional websites like Philip Bloom to showcase my work to the best of its ability.

I need to develop a brand for myself to be able to sell myself when people look at my website.

My To Do List

  • Research into Job’s I am interested in and develop skills
  • Join networking events and attend master classes
  • Improve my online presence and be on the lookout for experience
  • Create a brand and create a professional portfolio

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