Artefact​ 1 Food & Feedback

My third year of Media Production at Coventry contains a module called 360MC, Research and Development to support us before the production of our FMP (Final Media Project.) The module includes producing three creative artefacts around three different themes to explore, experiment and influence our FMP.

Food is an essential part of being able to survive however to me it has a deeper meaning. It helps me appreciate and live aspects of my culture while living in the UK. My parents are from Turkey and I have always loved a Turkish breakfast. It brings my family together and it is so simple to make, you can almost take it for granted. It’s healthy, light and simple not like the heavy English breakfast I have tasted.

However, I am studying at Coventry University, away from home and I have recreated the Turkish Breakfast so many times but it just never feels the same without my family. I do not enjoy it, as I should.

This wasn’t just about Food; it’s about enjoying the simple things in life, being happy with your family and that’s what I call Home.

I recorded different elements that would be included in a Turkish Breakfast on my iPhone 6. The ambitions behind the decision to blur the footage are, that everyone on the course knows that this task was about Food and I didn’t have the aim to show and tell. I wanted to not focus on the Food but the aspect of family, with the assumption that everyone’s expectation was to see food. I blurred the footage to show the element of colour and it helped keep the focus of the eye.The only focused footage was right at the end with a table full of food, for my family to gather around and enjoy. The Sound was naturally accruing while the filming was taking place, to keep to the family theme and also the natural sound of food that was being made. I also only kept one translation at the end ‘Sister’ to help reinforce the message of being a part of a family and sharing everything with them.


I got very interesting and different feedback. Some people did understand the message I was trying to convey for example it shows what a mother goes through, happiness and a homely feel, it being blurred made them focus on the sounds and it wasn’t distracting. The natural sounds helped carry the visuals. The whole video portrayed how people grow by using food and what they go through in order to get to the end and the translation of sister becomes the reward at the end.

Some people questioned the language and felt the need to understand what was being told for the video to reach a wider audience and didn’t understand what the one and only translation of the word ‘sister’ added to the video. They wanted to know what was being said however I feel like it kept the attention and curiosity. However, some people’s responses were it portrayed a blind person that wasn’t my intention and may need to explain it more at the start.

From the feedback that was received, I would change the angle of the camera and make the audience, the viewer (third person) instead of a point of view shot. I could also develop this idea of how a mother/family struggle sometimes goes unnoticed, that society can be judgmental and the only outcome that is viewed is happiness. I believe this project can develop into a reflective documentary to be able to convey the culture and explore the reasons why and what makes me feel attached to my home, my family.


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