Primary Research for Artifact​ 1- Food


For the first task in the 360MC Module of third-year in media production at Coventry University was to research and produce a creative artefact. This week our objective is Food and how the audience interacts, impacts their lives and how food connects with memories. We had a chance to bring our own food into the seminar and share our own experience and memories with specific foods.Food is vital in our lives to be able to continue living. Our connection with food can be completely different depending on the person.

Some people preferred bringing their favourite foods for example spicy crisp, however, she also comes from an Indian background, so her culture plays in effect with her memories, culture and influences her favourite food.Some people preferred bringing food from different countries that they have been too, for example, hot bread and Cacik that he witnessed and experienced in Greece.

My food item was to bring in a penguin bar because it reminded me of my granddad, every time I would go to his house I would always get a penguin bar, it became a part of my childhood. I don’t know why he preferred to buy Penguin bars because it wasn’t my favourite but I would always look forward to it. It became something we shared together.

Other people brought really interesting food items and I was curious to find out why.Some included their cultural background, Chinese style noodles, others included vinaigrettes from places that they have travelled and the taste reminds them of that specific experience.



Some of these foods were eaten before I could even take a picture…

Others have just brought in their favourite foods like brownies, crisps, and muffins, some of which have been made by mothers. Some have learnt to be able to cook their mother’s dish that’s been passed from generations. It’s been an inspirational event because I miss that feeling I have at home. Food brought people together to talk about their stories and adventures but also became the icebreaker and gave an opening to talk about our stories and selves.You can’t judge food without tasting it so why would you judge a person without knowing their story.

I was inspired to share a side of myself that most people don’t know (I am Turkish) by using food to express what I love about food and that’s to be in an environment that is safe and non-judgmental. I call it Home.


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