Kayla Briet

Kayla Briet is nineteen year old, self taught filmmaker, composer and musician living in Los Angeles. She grew up around Native American song and dance and wanted to combine the arts and music together through the perfect medium, film. She has accomplished many awards that included being invited to the first ever White House Film Festival (2014) as well as international film festival screenings and won awards. She plays multiple instruments and loves to combine her own composed music to the films she creates. She also performs on stage as a One Women Band.

She is passionate about science and educational media and has won awards from ProjectEd, American Chemical Society, and FASEB. She is currently pursing her passion by studying computer science and interactive forms of story telling at the same time not losing her love for her music and film. She is has also spoken at different events including Girls Who Code LA, Arts at the Center of 21st Century Education Conference, and several junior high and high schools in Southern California.’ Jayna Gavieres said ‘Her biggest passion and goal is to inspire self-worth and self-confidence in others and make a positive impact in the realm of education and the arts.’

The Smoke That Travels was the first (trailer/ short film it is not available online) piece I discovered of hers and it spoke to me on different levels. It is a personal story being shared and I have always had trouble opening up about my story so it was very inspiring to see. The Native American communities are filled with heartbreak and anger from America and across the globe so in response to the negative consequences she created a beautiful short film to celebrate her cultures dance, music and colors. ‘Music is one of the universal languages that can unite people around the world. And storytelling is the reason why we all exist.’

The very opening, the technique of the crop bars moving upwards created a serious mood and showed the importance of the story. She describes her thoughts and fears of her culture being forgotten. This is a sensitive topic for her and it was a very powerful opening. Briet is the first person you see and she is making eye contact, breaking the fourth wall to be able to reach out and connect with her audience as her story unravels as a voice over. It helped to create drama and keep the eye line to focus on her story with no distractions.

Her story doesn’t reveal a lot in the beginning, for instances there is also another person introduced on screen but the audience doesn’t know who they until further in the film.The shaky/handheld camera movements make the audience feel like they are a part of the film and keep their eye line moving to keep them engaged.The music helps to make the film more dramatic and almost dream like, makes the serious of the situation lighter, to share a piece their culture with the audience and have a balance of serious and beautiful.The voice over helps to carry the narrative along and fill in the gaps and conveys the truth of the narrator’s thoughts and feelings.The very end of the trailer, the audience is left with a rhetorical question that helps to lead the audience to watch the film.

The underlining message in that story is “ How are we remembered? “ As humans, we all share a lingering fear of being forgotten after we’ve lived our lives. It is a scary thought, but a thought that should be embraced. It reminds us to treasure the little moments and continue to share the stories that are important to us — like kindling a fire with tiny embers until it ignites into a flame.’

Briet has been awarded “2015 Future of Storytelling Fellow, 2016 National Young Arts Winner in Cinematic Arts, a 2016 MIT Chamber Scholar, a 4-time Girls Who Code guest speaker, an Oculus Launchpad Artist, a 2016 Adobe Creative Scholar, and a 2016 Sundance Film Festival Ignite Fellow.”

The reason why I picked Briet is because I feel like I can relate to her on a personal level. I have always wanted to create content to share with the world, there are so many stories to be told. I want to create and share the happiness whether it is to inform or entertain. I want to share positivity of life and make people happy by doing what makes me happy. I have always wanted to give back to the industry and provide the same feelings it did for me.

I have a very personal story to share for my FMP about my life as a young carer and I hope to inspire others to know that dreams do come true no matter who you are and what different challenges you face. ‘The main thing that mattered was that I was creating this story because it meant a lot to me. It is a time capsule to revisit in the future, and it is okay to be vulnerable.’ I have been inspired. Inspired to share my story. The media is a powerful tool that can help spread stories for the voiceless and give them an audience. It can help spread love, imagination and inspire people to learn, create and share. Everyone has a story to share and this is my story waiting to be told. “People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end anymore. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.” Steven Spielberg. This is my beginning.


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